Interactive Board(IR)

SmartVision Easy Board use infrared technology which uses infrared emitter-collector pairs to project an invisible grid of light a small distance over the surface of the board. When a user touch the surface of board, the infrared emitted from LED beam is broken, he absence of the signal at the collector is detected and receiver transmits X-Y axis information to the PC port via main-control board. Infrared technology is the survivor of harsh applications. Infrared technology will be ultimate trend of development on electronic whiteboard as well as Touch Screen series. It must will be a main stream in whiteboard and touch screen.

Detection Form Infrared Rays
Resolution (Non-physical) 4096*4096
Interface Type USB 1.1, Wireless 2.4G RF(Optional)
Cable Length 450mm
Working Environment Working Under Sunlight Directly
Connector Type USB1.1A, Wireless 2.4G RF (Optional)
Scan Periods 45-70Hz
How to Supply It From USB PORT of PC
Power Less than 90ma at 5V
Temperature Range Operating -30 – 80 °C (Temperature Slope Less than 25C/Hr)
Storage -30 – 85 °C(Temperature Slope Less than 25C/Hr)
Humidity Operating 0%-85%, Noncondensing
Storage 0%-95%, Noncondensing
ESD Capability Contact Discharge Voltage is 4KV, Air Discharge Voltage is 8KV
Warranty 3 years Limited Warranty
Device Driver Version # DL-USB (2.0)
Scanning Form Auto Start, Always Scanning
Responding Speed First Point 25ms, Consecutive Point 8ms
Easy Write Software Optional
Firmware Optional
Version# Latest Available


Hardware Outstanding Features
No Sensors on Surface Intelligent Laser Pointer No External Power Supply No Additional Purchases Needed
Fast Data Transfer Rate High Accuracy Representation USB Cable Extensions Intelligent Hand-gesture Recognition